Monday, July 15, 2013

farewell open house

Monday June 24th-
Monday I think it was finally sinking in for all of us that this was really happening. Everyone was pretty subdued. We grabbed just a few more last minute items, worked on packing (not fun!!) and got ready for the open house that night.

We had a houseful again and it was so lively and fun! Lots of friends and family came by to say their goodbyes and wish him luck on his mission. Again thankful for the overwhelming support that was shown by many!

Tuesday June 25th-
 We just relished the hours we had left with our boy. It was difficult for me as the mom to see my normally smiley, happy go lucky boy so serious and again subdued. The reality of the sacrifice and commitment he was making had hit him full force. The emotions were at the surface for all of us and it was a struggle to keep the tears at bay! That evening President Perkins (Uncle Darin) came to our home to set him apart as an Elder. I still can't reflect on that night without getting emotional. It was such a powerful and special experience! There is not a doubt in my mind that Elder Perkins will touch the lives of many as he serves. He will work hard and strive to be an obedient example to others because that is the kind of person he has always been. He will love those he comes in contact with unconditionally and will be sensitive to them and their needs.

A few pics from Monday night, and that beautiful, contagious smile I love!

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