Monday, July 15, 2013

March 23, 2013 Mission Call

Braydon submitted his Mission papers February 25th and so the wait began. I am not sure who was most anxious him, or us??!! 3 Fridays came and went and no call, on Sunday March 17th we headed up to Utah for Spring Break and his call came to the house on Monday the 18th. Do you think Heavenly Father was trying to teach us a little lesson on patience?  Man was it a long week knowing that call was sitting there waiting for us! Saturday the 23rd we headed home and it was the longest 10+ hour ride home ever!! As you anticipate the hundreds of places a missionary could be called it is simply mind boggling. I have a solid testimony of the missionary assignment process. I know that they are called to specific places for specific reasons and it IS by divine inspiration that they are assigned.  He opened his call that night with many family and friends present and as he read you are assigned to labor in the South Dakota Rapid City Mission I had to really think for a minute "where is South Dakota?". It wasn't a place that probably any of us considered. As we all had time to process it was seriously like "DUH' where else would he be going!! As the excitement settled a bit we looked at the map included in his mission booklet and were shocked to discover the large area his mission covered. All of South and North Dakota, part of Wyoming, Nebraska, Minnesota and a little sliver of Montana and Iowa. That's a whole lota country! Exciting stuff! So onto the next phase of physically preparing.

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