Monday, July 15, 2013

Temple and Farewell

Being a member of the church and having sons (and daughters) we hope and pray that we will guide and teach them that they will develop a testimony and a love for their Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, that they will know and understand the gospel, that they will develop a strong testimony of their own and have a desire to prepare and serve a mission to love and serve their fellow man like our savior did. Unfortunately though, the adversary is working double time to side track and lead them astray (he knows what a powerful tool for good these amazing youth are) So when the time comes and they choose to serve and are worthy to do so it is nothing short of a miracle and a reason to celebrate and be grateful to all of those who have helped influence them in a positive way! I have so many, many people to be thankful to for supporting Braydon and setting such awesome examples for him to follow.

Of the entire process the one thing I was personally looking forward to the very most was being able to go through the temple with our first child. I distinctly remember my own experience of going through the first time and how special it was and was very much looking forward to experiencing it with my own son. Braydon took his endowments out for the first time on June 15th at 3pm. It was so special to have so many close family and friends there to share this special day with him. Being in such a sacred and special place with those you love most is the most indescribable feeling and one I hope to be able to repeat many, many times! After the temple the Wright clan headed to BJ's for dinner, despite the ridiculous wait, it was a good time and good food as always!

Sunday June 16th was his missionary farewell in our ward. (that is a whole lot of emotional stuff packed into one weekend, ya know!!) It was overwhelming how many people were there to support him. It really meant a lot to him and to our family. It was so awesome to have Joe and Melissa there and a few of their friends and family as well as almost the entire Wright and Perkins sides of the family. Braydon gave a really good heartfelt talk on the Book of Mormon and missionary work. All of the Wright boy cousins sang We'll Bring The World His Truth, and while they are not the most musically talented bunch it was such a beautiful number and we really felt the spirit so strong! After sacrament we scooted off to another farewell and then home to get dinner ready. We had a packed house for dinner. All the Wrights, the Perkins, the Bakutis family, and the Pottles. About 70 people and it was awesome! Family is what its all about!!

It was an incredible, and special weekend and one I will always remember and treasure!

                   26 Wright Grand kids all together!!

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