Sunday, August 11, 2013

Another Monday

 Monday, July 22nd

Thankfully this summer had been jam packed so it has helped the weeks between emails fly by!
The three kids (only 3 kids is still so so weird for me) along with Kirsten, Sydney, Avery and Caleb drove up to Utah on July 19th. The girls are all going to EFY,  and all but Kirsten for the first time and we decided to make a real trip of it.
Monday, July 22nd I drove them all to Salt Lake from Midway (we got there 2 hours early) finally got them checked in and found their rooms etc grabbed Aaron Pemberton who had flown in from Oklahoma for EFY as well and we went for Pizza. There is a story to go with that adventure that sadly and funny enough these kids will probably never forget (it included a NAKED guy!!)
As I was getting ready to head back up the canyon after getting them back to campus that much anticipated email came through!

You know it's all good when the subject line reads

I LOVE IT HERE!!!!!!!!!
Dear Everybody whom I Love,

        SO this week has been amazing! I have grown so much its just unreal! We are teaching about 25 people and have another 35-40 possibles! We cover Mission, Rosebud, and a bunch of the real small surrounding towns. Im not sure when but we are supposed to be moving to Winner soon to a real apartment. I mailed home a bunch of photos so hopefully mom can post them all! We do all of our laundry at the Allens who is our neighbor. They own the trailer we stay in. So the people here are in big time poverty due to there own lack of motivation and disrespect of themselves. But it is really cool when they see us helping out in various ways and they just don't know what to say because no one ever stops. Especially "White" people. For example the other day we were driving down the road and a trailer with three pallets of frozen peas was dumped by the wind so us and one other police officer stopped and helped them pick it all up! The guys were speechless. We teach a woman named Nancy who is just awesome. She is our res "mom" she really studies what we tell her and tries to have questions and even tests us quite a bit. We had a guy slam on his brakes and crank his car over to the side of his side of the road jump out in front of us and said "HEY!!! are you the mormons?" and were like yah.... "Well I wanna know more and can I have one of your books?" we look at each other and say sure! Pretty funny! We get stopped to pray for people all the time! another funny story! We were tracting and this teenaged girl answers the door and we tell her whats up and shes like my little bro might be interested. Well... He was 6 so he got a high five and we left! It was the best dodge I have seen yet! So Dad(Eric) Brother Gilson who is a member here had been companions with Junior Gonzalez on his mission! how crazy is that!? We also started naming all the different waves we get from people were at like 20 different ones. Once again Im out of time, so I gotta go:( LOVE AND MISS YOU ALL!

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