Sunday, August 11, 2013

First email from the MTC

Hey guys!!!!!

                    Like you said, I love it here. Its just so amazing like I was told for weeks. I have had soo many spiritual experiences already and im only on day 2.5. To be honest that whole home sick and "hard times" thing that everyone talks about hasn't hit me yet and Im hoping it wont. I got here and we jumped right in, didn't have much time to think. So when i got through security at the airport and made it to my gate, I walked into 15 elders and sisters already sitting there and total on the flight I counted 24. It was so warming to know I wasn't alone. It was really cool when I got onto the plane, the co pilot and pilot were welcoming us and i was the first of the missionaries to board and he asked me right off the back where i was headed on my mission and i was shocked at first and told him and then he replies "Cool, and by the way Im a stake president and the co pilot is a high council-man. It was really cool. I ended up sitting next to sister Taylor who is originally from Russia but has lived in mesa the past few years and is going to Virginia on her mission. She was way cool and we had a good time sharing stories about ourselves and such. Then I had lunch with Grandma and Grandpa, Brad and Nora, Missi, Cody, Lisa, and Mckay and kellian and Inga. It was really nice and then off to the MTC it was and I was so excited. Our days are packed with so much stuff and learning its just soo cool. Our first day we had to "teach" 3 different investigators as a zone. Now i know why they send us in twos and not 50's. It was a good experience and i learned alot. My companion is Elder Wilikinson, hes from Bountiful, Utah and we get along great. We work as one and are solid in everything we do. The other two elders in our resisdency are interesting characters but good ones. I had to write a talk today for sacrament meeting and the strategies and tips that i was given on how to write my farewell talk came into play and it took me 15 minutes. If you ever have a chance to read or at least look through true to the faith, do so, Its extremely helpful and has a ton of scripture references to use. Our district is sooo awesome and I have no doubt in my mind that all 12 of us are called to South Dakota for a reason. I noticed yesterday that everyone of us is either from a small town, lives in the country or has a lot of outdoor experience. It was cool when I brought that forth and everyone was like yah you are right. The sisters are great and really bring forth a lot to our discussions. Its been a full day of us meeting and I feel like we all know each other so well. Keaton I hope you get to go climbing soon:) I talked to a few sisters and elders here who have done that as sport and its crazy how strong they are its really good for you. Maybe look into doing that more frequently? Kiley and Malerie, you guys are awesome I love you both sooo much. Easton and Kanyon, I love you guys a ton and I hope you guys continue to grow and be the amazing boys I have seen you grow into so far. Of course I cant forget MOM:) she is without a doubt the best mom and the best friend anyone could have and I hope all of you at home treat her like that:) My Dads are amazing hardworkers and great examples to me. I talk about you guys a lot. Melissa you are and have been such a great mom to me too:) you are always so caring and loving to everyone around you and thats one thing that I have learned big time here, thats what its all about. Its not about any lesson its about love and showing endless love for everyone. To all my friends especially Caleb, Cole, Connor, Carson, Kylee and everyone else, I love you guys and specifically to the boys, I want you to watch out for each other and make sure you make the decisions that will bring you here to the MTC and then on to the mission eventually. You guys are all so great and I love and miss you guys. Thanks for everything.

                                                                                                                                                                                   With Love,
                                                                                                                                                                                   Elder Perkins

P.S. my PDAYS are friday here and i can send a recieve snail mail whenever. and mom can you get this letter to everyone else:) I love you eat some sushi for me:)

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