Sunday, August 11, 2013

Tender Mercy # I've already lost count!!

Tuesday July 9th

All day today all I could think about was I wonder where my son is? I wonder what he's doing right now? I wonder who his companion/trainer is and if they will have anything in common? Over and over again!! So later that evening Eric and Keat had gone to the Diamondbacks game with all the Pottle boys and the girls and I had a belated bday dinner date for Mal with the Chase girls. As we are waiting for the Toni and the girls to show up so we can be seated I get a text from a number I don't recognize and when I open it the message says "does one of these fine Elders belong to you"? and there was a pic of Braydon with his new companion. I very nearly cried right then and there! This thoughtful, kind member and her family had the missionaries (Braydon and his Comp) over for dinner his first night there. I now consider her my personal angel of mercy and BFF!! We proceeded to text back and forth for nearly an hour! (this was after the missionaries had left of course). He is in Rosebud, SD which is basically part of the reservation and covers a petty big rural area mostly all reservation. About 90% population of Sioux/Lakota Indian. She said her husband and Braydon became BFFs over dinner as they discussed hunting and weapons almost the entire time!She told me all about the Branch there and reassured me that they have the missionaries over usually a couple times a week and she will take great care of him! WOW what a blessing. I felt so relieved and at peace after hearing from her. I don't know if she will ever really know what her little thoughtful act of service meant to me! She had continued to send me random texts with updates and an occasional picture. Up until this week the pics she sent me were the only ones I had received.

                     Elder Perkins and Elder S-first day in SD

         Elder Perkins and Bro Barker

Elder Perkins and Elder S.

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