Sunday, August 25, 2013

This week was nuts! SO MUCH FUN!!

Monday August 12, 2013

Hey everybody! hows a-going!!!??

              This week has been great! I like my idea of breaking it down Day by day! Is that okay?

Monday- So Monday we didn't do much. We had a few less active members planned but they didn't let us in. We did however have a member dinner and that was good! We had a bomb chicken soup! the broth was the best part! They were the Vandenbarcks. Not president though, its his brother.

Tuesday- We went to the Bartletts for dinner. Well first we did a little less active hide and seek. The Bartletts live just outside of Gregory which is about 25 miles from Winner so we made a day trip out of it and went and saw a few LA members out there. Nothing to promising unfortunately but we did see a really cool house that was all turquoise. Kinda cool! The Bartletts are just amazing! Scott has some of the coolest stuff in the world! His whole house is just amazing!! He is a self taught leather artist of all sorts! He is just a cowboy! That is how he needs to be described! They cooked some dang good hamburgers and we had a blast! His wife Kathy is amazing too! Shes a weight loss specialist for some company and is just 100mph all the time! So much fun! Definitely going back there!!!

Wednesday- We had exchanges. I went to Chamberlain South Dakota and it was fun! They are right on the Missouri river so it was cool to see that all day long! Nothing to exciting happened there. I got attacked my a cocker spaniel. But He didn't really attack me. He was barking and going crazy but he wouldn't bite me. He wasn't used to visitors. Anyways.

Thursday- That was a long day. We had a lot of tracting and finding planned and we did just that! Nothing came out of it unfortunately but we did get to See Collins Flood again. He has been watching Sister Wives and thought that was the Mormons. We told him otherwise and explained a few other issues hes having. Great guy. He was the only person we got in with that day!!!

Friday!!!- We went back to Mission! Finally got to teach people again!!!!! I never thought Id miss the res till I didn't get to teach any more. We saw Nancy and mowed her lawn for her! People get really confused when they see us in white shirts and ties mowing a lawn! Kinda funny! We had a good lesson with her about building your foundation upon Christ! Helamen 12:3. Mathew 7:24

Saturday!!!- We taught Leslie! she is one of my favorite people to teach!! she is so open and easy to talk too!! Her kids are my favorite! Bella is 5 or 6 and Cadence is 2. Bella is always outside riding her bike when we pull up and she jumps off and runs and gives us a hug and says are you gonna teach mom? You always make her happy! yah talk about day maker!!! haha Cadence is just funny, she likes our name tags!! We also had a lesson with Maxine! Who is my all time favorite person to see on the Res. She is so funny and is always teasing us and having fun! We having been trying so hard to get her on date and we finally did!!! Plus we had dinner at the Barkers and had smoked ribs and chicken! Still not as good as Joe P's ribs!! Driving back to winner is about 65 miles and we saw 13 deer!!!! Dont wanna hit those in the Chevy Cruz!!!!

Sunday- We have a lot of fun at church on Sundays! We do the sacrament, give the opening and closing prayers and usually either talk or teach Sunday School!! Really fun! As far as the day goes, after church not much! We took sacrament to an older lady named Doyle! She is really fun to talk to! We had a correlation meeting with Brother Midgely and President Vandenbarck at 7 and that was our day!! Not to exciting but hey take what you can get!

This weeks challenge!!! Tuesday is my amazing moms Birthday!!! yes. You are required to at least tell her happy birthday and brownie points if you get her a treat!!! Love you guys

   All is good!! I am having fun and doing the work! Take life day by day minute by minute! but plan ahead and be prepared! Sometimes we get so caught up in the future we forget to enjoy the now! Love all of you soo much and cant wait to hear from yah!!!

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