Sunday, August 11, 2013

South Dakota Bound

Monday July 8th

I had forgotten to ask Braydon in our last email if he thought he would be able to call from the airport. So when my phone rang early Monday morning with an 801 area code I nearly squealed out loud!!! It was really him on the other end of the line! He sounded so good and was soooooo excited to be heading out to South Dakota. He told me all about the awesome experiences he had in the MTC and especially about his fellow South Dakota missionaries. I could really feel the love and respect he had for them. I woke up the other kids one by one so they could have a chance to say hi before he had to go. The best kind of wake up call ever!! After he finally hung up with us he called his dads. Such a mix of emotions I felt. Excitement for him to finally get out there and get to work, anxiety, a little fear, nervousness, sadness, joy!! The next week of waiting for Pday to hear what area he is serving in and to find out how his first week in the field went is going to be one of the longest weeks of my life!! Patience is a virtue is my new mantra!

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