Sunday, August 25, 2013

Hows A goin

Monday, July 29th

Hey everybody!!

            First off I would like to apologize to everybody who has hand written me a letter and gotten it back or I havent got it yet. The mission home never told us to move till this last Tuesday but they thought we already had when we called so all of our mail was being sent there and nobody was there to get it! Whoops! Im moving there today though and that apartment is flipping sweet! Its two stories, we have temper-pedic beds and a huge kitchen and two reclining chairs and a pretty sweet study! Ill let you all know ASAP when I get the address.
        This week has been great! Had a couple run ins with some wacked out drunk people but it was kinda fun! One guy his name was Eddy and he was mammoth big tried to kill us but we talked him down with the gospel. Another guy has seen God 12 times and has read all the Harry Potter books 7 times each. Kinda funny to be honest. We had not the best week numbers wise but the quality of lessons was really solid. Had some cool experiences talking to just random people on the street and I got to be the senior companion for a while when I went on exchanges. Its nuts how far 164 dollars will go. We make all of our food. We don't buy the freezer food crap. Much better that way! So if your ever feel inclined to send something I suggest that!!  Just saying. We get fed by members about twice a week and this last week we got invited by one of our eternal gators (somebody who wont let us go but doesn't really progress). I got volun-told to cook hamburgers, brawts, steaks and hot dogs! Talk about a Sunday lunch! Lets just say we didn't eat dinner. The weather is great here its not as hot as AZ fortunately but its warm enough and this last week has been 75-80 all week with a ton of cloud cover. Wednesday and Saturday I probably walked close to 8 miles. No joke!! Kinda fun! Im not gaining that 15 pounds I promise. If anyone wants a dream catcher or some Indian stuff send some money and I will buy and ship it to you! There is a cart that this guy owns and he has some pretty wicked awesome stuff.
     Kiley & Mal I have a suprise for you!:) The Dream catchers are anywhere from 10 to 50 dollars depending on size!
We had one lady this last week Leslie and she (I thought) was dodging us but turns out she was just super busy. I learned that just cause something doesn't go right when you want it to doesn't mean its going wrong! Definitely will remember that! We are pretty popular with kids around here. We have Jesus Christ pass along cards and they love em!

So I love and miss all of you! keep writing me and Ill do the same for you!
Everybody that gets this letter, Remember That my mom Elisha Perkins is the most amazing mom in the whole wide world!! and everybody that sees her this week owes her a hug!
Also the Perkins, Wright and Bakutis Family are all amazing!!! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!

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