Sunday, August 11, 2013

First Pday in South Dakota

I have no idea what the Pday schedule is like so from the minute I get up Monday I am checking my email like a neurotic freak!! At first I would check every 30 minutes or so but the later it got in the day the more frantically I began checking!! I was seriously out of control, I knew it but I still couldn't help myself!! By late afternoon I was beside myself knowing that there is a 2 hour time difference and I was losing hope that we were gong to get an email. I know it isn't the end of the world by any means but it didn't stop me from feeling sad and maybe a little down right grouchy!! By dinner time I came to terms with for whatever reason we weren't getting an email. Eric got home from work close to 7pm. and after the usual chit chat he says "so did you read Braydons letter?" my reply UHH NO because I didn't get one!! A couple minutes later I say "did you?" He gives me a funny look and says ya.  As irrational and unwarranted as it is and it TOTALLY is I want to punch him in the face!! Doesn't he know what kind of torture it is for a mom not to hear from her child when she is counting on and looking forward to it!!! I probably not to nicely say to him "well did it not occur to you to forward me the email or shoot me a text or anything???!!! He replies "no, because your name was on the email too so I assumed you got it" Perfectly reasonable to a rational person. As he looks at the email he says OHHH he typed your email address wrong and then promptly forwards it!!
 I feel like an addict as me and my phone scurry off to a quiet private place so I can FINALLY read the email!! Oh heaven help us, it is going to be a looong 2 years!!

Hey Everyone,

          So here it is:) P-Day. Monday. Its been a blur of a week. So starting with Monday morning at 4 am, we had to be up out of our residency by 5. I still had a little packing and cleaning to get done which stunk a little but obviously well worth it. We got out me and the bus driver loaded all the luggage and then we were off. Most of us literally. Half the bus was sleeping and the other half was making fun of the people sleeping! We then got to the airport and were super surprised we had a Gate reserved for us on the TV it said Welcome LDS Missionary Travelers. So all 26 of us loaded our bags on the scales. WHAT A BLESSING. Again mine weighed 49 and 50 with a limit of 50. God works in mysterious ways. We made it to our gate and then the double wait began. The wait for the phone and the wait for the plane of course. When I finally got to talk to mom and Dads and family I was about to throw somebody I was so excited. Finally on the plane the game started of who got to sit next to a non member so we could talk to them.... Not me:( That was okay I sat by Elder Price who is going to SD spanish speaking! HOW AWESOME. We flew out of utah and I was giddy as always because I love flying. I made Elder Price trade me so I could sit by the window. When we finally arrived in SD on our final decent I looked out the window and almost started crying tears of joy! It was so green and wide open and no big city I loved it sooo much. We got our bags and met the mission president who is just awesome. Such a great guy! Unfortunately Sister Taylor had one of her bags sent to the wrong mission. Which really was kinda funny cause when we were waiting in line to get bags she made the comment of how terrible it would be if someone had lost a bag. So we drove to the Mission home and I dont think the van driver liked me very much cause I asked her about a thousand and one questions about the area. We got to the home and had a fight for one of the 18 bunk beds down stairs. Had lunch, a quick lesson of the Elders that assist the mission president and then had a delicious dinner and then we finally got to find out where we are going. When it became my turn they introduced Elder Schneringer as my trainer and then talked about the Rosebud Indian Reservation. They talked about the quarter of a mobile home trailer we lived in and how in the winter sometimes you get snowed on through the window and how there is a hole in the floor. Then they said my name. Kinda nerve racking not gonna lie. Oh well. Finally Tuesday morning I got to drive to Vivian with another Elder and meet my companion. He is an awesome guy. He was a rancher for the church in Nebraska. Such an awesome trainer and has repeatedly said I came pre-trained. Not sure what that means. So after having car troubles and driving an extra 200 hundred miles we finally made it home. And then turned around and went right to work. I have learned to love walking. I wont go into super detail about exactly who we are teaching for this letter as I'm almost out of time but there is tons of drunk or high people out here and everybody smokes. The houses we go into are terrible but the people are great! Its weird. They had a pow wow this weekend where all the dancers come dance and you can watch them and such. Way cool. A lot better than any American dancing. "Just Saying". We have a lot of crazy people stop us and ask us to pray for them. We have a 2012 Chevy Cruze that we drive but we have limited miles so we usually drive to a central spot and walk! lots of walking like 4-8 miles a day. I will end up buying a bike soon. Not to sure about the winter gear yet. I gave a talk on Sunday and the ward literally no joke can fit behind our podium in our building. Kinda weird, but cool too!
Alright I Gotta go! write me letter!!!!!

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