Sunday, August 11, 2013

Second and last email from the MTC

Friday July 5th

Hey Everyone,

                      How is everyone doing? I hope all is well! How was the 4th? Did anybody get to blow something up? I was so surprised yesterday when they announced that we got to see the stadium of fire show (just fire works, no Carrie UnderWood) but what was really special was before that we had a devotional and the president of the MTC spoke a little bit but then they surprised us all by putting on 17 miracles!!!! HOW COOL!? The MTC is still awesome, we are teaching two to three investigators in a day now along with classes and a lot of study time. I had a really good experience on Wednesday with our TRC (the most realistic teaching appointments they can create). We taught her about the restoration and man it was so cool. The spirit just spoke right through us. When we were done we walked outside and were like what just happened. You should have seen how excited I was! Our schedule is pretty crazy and with Sunday being fast Sunday Im not sure how Im going to stay awake. Today we started packing for Monday and man am I excited. There is so much excitement in our districts about leaving we are all bouncing up and down. I guess I should tell you the first part of that TRC. We teach each investigator twice and the first time we went in and messed up so bad, so we thought. We were all over the place throwing this and that at her and she had a really hard time keeping up and we were very disappointed in ourselves, but as I was pondering everything that went wrong, I thought about how we didn't prepare enough and how mentally we weren't ready to go in there and so I prayed and thanked Heavenly Father for teaching me those lessons. That led to our amazing experience, and i think that was a blessing given to us for being so willing to learn from what we did wrong. We also got to see them set up and take pictures of the new missionary ipads outside our classroom. Sunday we got to go walk around the temple in Provo and that was really cool. Me and Elder Dunlap practiced bearing our testimonies to strangers and that was so cool! SO much fun! Monday we had that first TRC experience, which was still good and then had our usual classes. Tuesday was regular schedule until we had the big devotional at the Marriot Center. The devotional was really good. The speaker was Brother Richardson of the Sunday School first presidency and he talked on President David O' Mckays founding thing "Where Er'er thou art. Act Well thy part" and that really hit home to me that we cant and wont be the fantasy people the world idolizes but we can be the best "ME" and that is what we should strive for! Wednesday the new elders came and that was cool. There was 26 more elders and sisters added to our zone and they are all going to Iowa, So half of the zone to SD and the other to Iowa. Thursday was whats called In-Field Orientation and that was really long, 8am-5pm and it was a lot of small classes and seminars on how to work with people in the field. They put on a play at the end and it was super funny. And Friday (today) we got up real early to do laundry and then we hung out for a while and then did the packing and now we are at study time/lunch/class for the rest of the day. Saturday we have 4 teaching appointments and then Sunday is church and all the crazy stuff that goes on all day then and then Monday we leave here at 5:30am. So I am doing really good and Im so happy to be here. Oh I had an unfortunate experience trying to iron! Someone had melted there shirt to the Residency iron and I didn't realize it until after I started so my one SS shirt is now cooked:( hopefully I can get some more from home and have them sent to me in the field. I would recommend to everyone not to write me letters anymore cause I wont be here to get them. Does DearElder work outside the MTC? BUT DONT STOP WRITING ME! just dont send here. That's one of my favorite parts of the Day. So I love you all and I cant wait to write you again next week. I personally enjoy handwriting letters more than I do emailing. Mom Dad(Eric) Dad(Joe) and Melissa: Easton, Kanyon, Keaton, Malerie, Kiley and Caleb, Cole ( don't break anything at my house please) Kylee and Chase kids and all my other amazing friends and Family, I love and miss you so much! Stay awesome and do whats right!

Dad(Joe) can you send me a hand written letter? You didn't put your address in my book so I don't have anyway of getting it:( love you!

PS Thanks mom for the Cinnamon rolls. Its kinda funny kinda sad cause three other elders all got the same ones earlier in the week so nobody wanted them:( haha LOVE YOU, YOUR THE BEST!!!

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