Sunday, August 25, 2013


I got a kick out of this reply from Braydon's uncle Darin after we forwarded his last weeks email out! Im sorry to say, Braydon got his passion for the use of exclamation marks from his momma. I too use them excessively and am not sorry about it. Hey I am just thankful he writes. The real fun part is reading his microscopic chicken scratch from his letters, but he writes faithfully and they are heartfelt and full of detail. I can feel his enthusiasm for the work and the love he has for the people there.

"From this email, it is difficult to tell if Braydon is excited about his mission and the experiences he's having.  I counted 88 complete or partial sentences, but only 99 exclamation points.  Even his time after church, which clearly isn't as much fun for him as the time up to and including church, is deserving of one exclamation point.  Now that's excitement for the work and wonderful to see!

If we combine Braydon's use of exclamation points with dad's unabashed and prolific use of "quotation marks" in his writing, the punctuation police would be overwhelmed.

Seriously though, it is great to see that he is excited and enjoying the work.  Keep sharing the news. "

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